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Hello World, Hello Xlog

Before this, I also had a static blog based on Hexo. Hexo is highly customizable, and I spent most of my time beautifying the blog and the theme, but the actual output was very little. At the same time, in the past year or two, I have become more and more anxious. On one hand, I am afraid of graduating and not being able to find a job, and on the other hand, I am afraid of living a life with a meager salary after work. I am caught in this contradiction, wanting to change but not taking that step. I have spent too much time messing around with various things, collecting all kinds of information, hoping to grasp something in this vortex of information explosion. It's as if I can only be at peace if I grasp something, but in the end, I haven't produced anything.

I am very happy to join the Xlog family. I hope to record my thoughts, discoveries, and interesting things here, and also record the changes in my thoughts and have a dialogue with my initial self:

Hi, long time no see. Have you become a better version of yourself?

Looking forward to moving forward together in the future.

Hello, Xlog#

Xlog is an open-source creative community that writes on the blockchain. Being a community means that more people can see it, which is a very positive feedback in the early stages. It also supports online editing and cloud storage of drafts, so you can quickly write and record on any device even when you are out. Most importantly, it provides a place for free expression and recording of life.

Cocoon of Information#

I feel that the content I see every day seems to be arranged by others, as if I am imprisoned in a lonely room of endless internal conflict. Most of the information is not our independent choice. Many times, what we see is the content that others want us to see. Most of this information has no meaning for our personal growth and improvement. They are just endless noise. Anxiety makes us tirelessly collect information, trying to grasp the overall situation of things. But I really need to calm down and think carefully, filter out some meaningless noise for the present and the future.

With this mindset, I started to want a source of information that can collect positive value for me. At first, when I was doing my blog, I learned about RSS, then RSSHub, and now this blog on the blockchain, Xlog. Xlog almost hits all the points I need: online editing, cloud drafts, blockchain, NFT, customization, and more. Subscribing to high-quality content, progressing with excellent people, and most importantly, constantly learning and outputting what I have learned. It is really important to output the knowledge I have acquired. If an article only exists on my computer, its value is very small. If it is published on the blockchain and seen by more people, it may bring a little inspiration to more people who need help. Perhaps one day, this content will also become an opportunity on the journey of life. Doing this will definitely be more valuable than digesting it alone. I sincerely hope that the content I produce in the future can help more people and serve as a witness to my continuous learning and progress.

Outputting Content#

Why do we need to output content? On the one hand, it can be our digital garden, recording fragments of life. On the other hand, publicly sharing valuable content may help more people. The content we output is no longer just a note, but valuable content. The person who benefits the most from this is actually ourselves because this process satisfies our emotional and self-value needs. It may also bring more opportunities and possibilities for ourselves in the future. I also hope to form a positive cycle and continue to move forward. Only then can we go further. At the beginning of the road to becoming a better self, it will definitely be lonely. I hope I can stick to it.

Having Your Own Business#

Recently, in "The Navalmanack," there is a passage about how everyone should have their own business. Content output can also become my own business in another sense. Sharing and spreading content to more people may bring more opportunities and possibilities for myself. Perhaps one day in the future, it will bear fruit.

Discovering Your Specific Knowledge#

No one knows you better than yourself. Each of us is unique, and even we ourselves have different thoughts and perspectives at different times. We are constantly exposed to new things and collide to create new sparks. So I don't want to limit my content to any specific field. This expertise doesn't have to be a specific point. Everything I have experienced makes up my own specific knowledge. No one can be more like me than myself.

Happiness is a Choice#

Happiness is a personal choice. We may not be able to choose our family background, but we can choose who we associate with, what career we pursue, and what kind of life we want. Stop meaningless internal conflicts. If you want to live a better life, take responsibility and risks to practice. Start doing things that will make you better. Writing down these thoughts here serves as a reminder. I hope that the content I produce in the future can bring more value and positive significance. This value doesn't necessarily have to solve a problem for others but should primarily serve myself. It can be recording the state of life, documenting my own journey, and guiding myself on the right path. Perhaps these trivial matters aggregated together can inspire and inspire others someday, and bring out my own value.

Let's Encourage Each Other#

By recording here, on the one hand, I am supervised by everyone, and on the other hand, it forces me to do better and produce more content. Moreover, there are really many excellent contents and creators in this community. Everyone is outstanding. Are you also like me, wanting to make a change but haven't taken that step yet? Start doing something now, share and record your content. The world is so vast. Persist and you will definitely meet like-minded partners. Looking forward to growing together with everyone and becoming a better self!

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